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Shrink Film (Shrink Film)

Shrink Film

Shrink Film is a coextruded biaxially oriented 5 layers shrinkable polyolefin film, suitable for any kind of packaging purpose.  Due to its remarkable mechanical resistance, transparence, gloss, weld ability, and shrink ability, shrink film is well suited for both semi-automatic and automatic packaging machines, and complies with FDA regulations for direct contact with food.

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OM1-60-8.0 60 Gauge 8" Polyolefin Shink Film/Center Fold/4,375FT
OM1-60-10.0 60Gauge 10" Polyolefin Shrink Film/Center Fold/4,375FT
OM1-60-12 60 Gauge 12" Polyolefin Shrink Film/Center Fold/4,375FT
OM1-60-16 60 Gauge 16" Polyolefin Shrink Film/Center Fold
OM1-60-18 60 Gauge 18" Polyolefin Shrink Fillm/Center Fold
OM1-75-6.0 75 Gauge 6" Polyolefin Shrink Film/Center Fold/3,500FT
OM1-75-8.0 75 Gauge 8" Polyolefin Shrink Film/Center Fold/3,500FT
OM1-75-10.0 75 Gauge 10" Polyolefin Shrink film/Center Fold/3,500FT
OM1-75-12 75 Gauge 12" Polyolefin Shrink Film/Center Fold/3,500FT

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